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This was recreation to them but the sums could have changed lives of those less fortunate.

But I was right there with them, profiting from the egregious wins and losses.''I shopped on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, 5th Avenue in Manhattan.

It comes from Jay Rubin, translator of the best-selling novels of Haruki Murakami and one of the most notable modern Japanese-to-English translators. Readers want to think all the translator does is swap words into a different language, substituting “あ” for “a.” But that’s not how translation works. Any form of literary translation is a collaboration between artist and translator. As invisible as I try to be, both voices are in the mix. No matter how good a mimic, every singer adds their own voice and style to a performance.

Yes, our Erotic Phone Sex Fantasy Artists are that good.

And if you know that Erotic Phone Fantasy is something that you enjoy (when done right!

I bought a Bentley, I chartered private planes, I had a staff, a driver and I rented $100,000 homes for summers in the Hamptons and in Malibu.

She counted some of Hollywood's starriest names among her friends, among them Ben Affleck.

Some sexual fantasies are meant to be shared and enjoyed by two (or more!

) Sometimes, our sexual fantasies are somewhat embarassing, socially “strange”, or just not something we’re comfortable sharing with another person.

Whether this fulfillment comes in the form of viewing videos and pictures of our fantasy subject, reading erotic stories, or simply using our imagination during solo masturbation, our fantasies quite often, and sometimes quite intrusively and pervasively, demand our attention.

Efforts to suppress or ignore our secret desires often fail.

There are times in our lives when the pursuit of opportunities to actually live out our fantasies may be impractical.

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