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This week I heard stories about the hundreds of wives and mistresses of Russian oligarchs, tycoons and businessmen who live on the island in lonely luxury, all but abandoned by their husbands or added: ‘The wives soon feel lonely, but still, it suits the Russian men.

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As one of Limassol’s most successful jewellers, Armenian Raffi der-Garabedian, told me on Wednesday as the crisis unfolded: ‘Yesterday, I had one of my best days ever. They like good jewellery and will spend £4,000 at a time.

‘Those who have real funds will never trust the Cyprus banking system or the EU again.

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Cypriot MPs are terrified that foreign investors will leave the country.

And by foreign investors, they mean the Russian oligarchs, businessmen and shadowy mafiosi who have flocked here over the past 20 years, buying up real estate, investing billions — and turning the place into a little Moscow.

There are plenty of other places for our rich to go: the Cayman Islands, Jersey, Luxembourg. As a financial centre, the island’s reputation is ruined.’ But it was not only the sunshine that attracted them.

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