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She is totally wrapped up in her self-pity and treats my dad terribly. I have been telling her that she needs to stay active and keep moving so that she doesn't become immobile.

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Kids are a great way to help older people become more active (e.g. It's difficult at the moment as not only having to deal with everything that has happened I'm having to deal with his partner who is confusing him more by saying things like you will be out of hospital in a few days and talking about other stresses around him. Hi, I hope someone can help or confirm that what I think could be true.

throwing a ball with the kids, going shopping with them, coming to watch their sporting events, etc.) If she doesn't have enough stamina to go out in the community then choose something easier at home. His ears still work and this is stuff he doesn't need to hear. Tricia I'm having a real hard time since the stroke. My brother and his wife have been apart and now divorced for 3 or 4yrs now. On several occasions she has made allegations that ex boyfriends have abused her or stalked her.

Many people who have strokes want to maintain control of their own lives and may not respond well to being told what to do. He has lost feeling and movement in his left side and is struggling with his eye sight and swallowing.

Maybe you could include her in activities that would allow her to be more active without making it obvious that is what you are doing. The doctors have confirmed he has brain damage I think he is suffering with short term memory loss too.

It doesn't have to be a long or accusing conversation. It is his moods swings I find difficult to cope with. We not only worked together for years everyday but many months before his stroke and heart attack.

You can just let her know that her friends and you are worried because she seems more stressed/anxious and that you would like to help. He can be fine for 2/3 days then become irritable moody and cross with me but after sex he is fine for another couple days until sex again. Can this be a result of the brain damage in some way caused by his stroke or something totally unrelated. He is making a relatively miraculous recovery to the point where is he is at a very good rehab and improving in his speech, still in a wheelchair.

On the other hand, she has become this other person mentally, not changing her clothes or showering for days.

This is a person who could not stand to go 8 hours with out a shower.

Anyways, my dad was in the hospital for about 21 days and now is in a rehabilitation center. He can't quite move his left leg but he can move his toes and his left arm. In any event, I feel like my best friend is gone and don't know why and it is killing me and feel like his family looks at me like I did something wrong to him to deserve this but didn't unless deep in side he wanted me to go way before... My husband, my best friend, my soulmate had a stroke 5 years ago and it's been very hard dealing with the fact that the man who put me on a pedestal for so many years not only doesn't seem to care anymore but almost seems to resent me entirely.

His speech is good and he is understanding things, but still not quite as fast and he has short term memory from the stroke, which is hard. I dealt with it and continue to try and help him with all his therapies and anything he needs even when he clearly doesn't want my help (even though he does need it).

now she seems to be doing well and off life support.

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