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Completely new software architecture allowed us to make VRidge software much more stable.

To learn how to use Moonlight with VRidge - read about it in the We have implemented multi language support. Please follow this You will be prompted to install separate VRidge 2.0 application.

Google Play will install the VRidge 2.0 App on your phone after your acceptance.

Look up your Motherboard’s drivers and see which ones you need.

For convenience, I’ve added the latest drivers (as of the time of writing) for the most common USB 3.0 controllers.

If you are unsure which drivers you need or have multiple computers, you can grab all of them.

Next, we need to get the files we need to install/add the drivers on.

Adding support for USB 3.0 also works great if you want to install from a fast USB 3.0 flash drive!

The entire install takes about 5 minutes with one of those.

However, my GIGABYTE BRIX had no such option that I could find.


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