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Then, the dater goes back to the RV to consult with his/her friend and decide which of the two competitors he or she wants to pick.

He or she then returns and confronts the two daters, exposing one (or multiple, occasionally) of their most notable lies, before revealing which one he/she has chosen.

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Through an earpiece, the friend in the RV tells the dater if what one says is a lie or the truth.

At the end of the date, the dater reveals that the statements made during the date have been run through lie detection software, usually to shocked reactions from the two contestants.

So while viewers anxiously wait to see if Max and Nev will be able to track the liars down, the truth is the TV company know they definitely will.

To make it as real as possible, Max and Nev are kept in the dark – but they have the assurance there is a catfish to be found.

Next, the dater will ask the two contestants if there is anything they would like to 'come clean' about, meaning that they have a last chance to reveal a lie.

It is most common to see both daters not respond to this, though they know they have (usually) both lied.

Rarely, there have been instances where a dater has not lied, but instead, a time where they have told the truth and the truth was not a suitable or satisfactory answer to a question will be played during this black-and-white flashback sequence. At the end of each episode, a disclaimer is shown that reads "The Voice Stress Analyzer is used for entertainment purposes only.

It is not operated by a trained professional or under conditions that would provide a reliable means of lie detection.

Which all prevents the TV company from wasting a lot of money chasing ghosts on the world wide web.

It shouldn’t make the show any less entertaining, but it is something to think about.

However, in the end, only one can win each of their hearts.


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