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The streets were worn down to nineteenth century brick paving. As far as shitholes go, I'd vote for Fort Stockton, Texas, which only exists as the only place within hundreds of miles to pull over and sleep when you're driving across hellblasted West Texas. When my partner and I stopped there, we stopped at a Godforsaken motel where the clerk wore a bolo with a turquoise crucifix.And when I stopped in front of the bank to read the plaque my car was surrounded by feral dogs who would not let me move forward or back for a good ten minutes. The only place open on a Sunday at 7 pm was Pizza Hut ('and you better hurry, 'cause it closes at 9"). They didn't have any, at least none that would dare open on a Sunday.

If your tank is on empty, you're about to shit your pants, etc.

I used to visit a friend who was a grad student at Yale back in the 90's.

Detroit was awful the last time I was there (2002) and I can only imagine how much worse it is now. Everyone said Austin was different, but it really isn't.

It's just full of loud, obnxious asshole hipsters.[quote]Agree about Bridgeport, Connecticut. Many CT residents do not get off I-95 in Bridgeport for any reason whatsoever.

Currently, the county holds an unemployment rate of 25.1%. It is across the street from crumbling brick buildings.

The county is home to some of the absolute shittiest cities and people; but an unincorporated area called Slab City, or just "The Slabs," takes the cake. R39 That's a very broad brush with which you are painting. One of them, with the bricks mostly missing from the second floor, had an operating bar.It's in the middle of a god-forsaken desert where the temperature often exceeds 120 degrees during the summer. I stopped to see Old Shawneetown, Illinois, the one the flood people refuse to insure since there is no levee.The country's most polluted river, the New River, runs through it, carrying untreated sewage from Mexicali, Mexico, to the Salton Sea. The first bank in Illinois is there, a place that gave money to establish Chicago.I'm from a small town and can still be charmed by them; this was a place that would have driven any rational person to suicide within a week.[quote]It's known for one thing and one thing only--Jesse James' House.We drove around for 20 minutes and must have asked a dozen people for directions to it, and not one damned person knew what we were talking about. You just know they all said among themselves afterwards 'Hey who sent those two dykes looking for Jesse's house off on a wild goose in the wrong direction! ' They're stupid in the right direction are local yokels.r31, I had a great time at Slab City. All this thread is is just one more insecure uneducated 20something from somewhere in the north trying to compensate for his own small world or lack of top-rate education or legitimate world travel by beginning a thread to bash places in the south and midwest so he can continue to live in his grandiose vision that he is worldly as he day dreams between fixing double decaf latte's on his second barista shift at some Starbucks in Trenton or New Brunswick.r61 - then you must know that FW has a great downtown area and a lot of cultural events. I don't even think it qualifies as depressing much less a shithole.I've heard Youngstown, Oho is pretty bad but I haven't been.

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