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In their rage, they're supposed to be pretty badass when it comes to mental power, all thanks to this ability, but since the Will bonus from the feat is the same type as the will bonus from the rage, they don't stack.

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In Pn P, rage is often used as a second windish sort of ability, to give you the edge you need to wrap up a tough encounter.

The thing is in Nw N2, by the time you can attack again after triggering Rage, Frenzy, or god help you both, you're pretty much dead.

Xaayne is a Barbarian/Fighter/Rogue/FB, by the way.

All I've got to say is that as things are now, I never use rage or frenzy.

I've seen it done on another server and I think it would make for a great addition to the barbarian and frenzied berserker classes.

Second, the Barbarian's Indomitable Will never worked proper.

You'll die or at the very least be immobilized a lot though due to crappy saving throws Fighter/ranger: See above without intimidating rage Rogue: Unless your fighting an evocation mage, your going to die alot due to crappy saving throws.

Paladins/blackguards: Take advantage of your CHA bonus to saves to take out mages.

Great suggestions: barbarian class requirement for frenzied berserker as per pnp would be excellent, and an instant action for rage and frenzy would also be amazing. Multiplying rather than adding con bonus would make it more palatable.


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