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'LOVE BY THE BOOK' A Hallmark CHANNEL Original Movie World Premiere Saturday, January 17 (9p.m.

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Georgie's anxiety level soars when an extravagant wedding ceremony is arranged at a romantic island resort.

Preferring things low-key and simple, Georgie feels she's lost control of her own wedding, as well as her life.

Unlike her happily married coworker Marilyn (Powers), Emma has yet to be swept away by her own prince charming.

Trying to both find an idyllic love life and impress her store's investor, Frank (Schneider), Emma balances time dating romantic suitor Landon (Ryan Bittle, "All My Children") and time at her store with Frank's nettlesome son, Eric (Kristopher Turner, "Saving Hope").

'AWAY & BACK' A Hallmark Hall of Fame World Premiere Presentation Sunday, January 25 (8p.m.

ET/PT, 7C) Starring: Jason Lee, Minka Kelly When a family of swans make their home on the Peterson farm, it's love at first sight for 10-year-old daughter Frankie.ET/PT, 8C) Starring: Amy Acker, Dylan Bruce, Camille Mitchell, Tammy Gillis, Casey Manderson, Emily Tennant, Milo Shandel, Chris Shields and Charles S.Dutton Romance novelist Liam Bradley (Bruce) has already found massive success with three books written under the pen name Gabriel August, mysteriously unknown to his legions of readers.ET/PT, 8C) Starring: Hilarie Burton, Paul Campbell, Malcom Stewart, Wanda Cannon, Leanne Lapp, Aaron Craven and Tim Conway Josie Mayfield (Burton), a no-nonsense businesswoman working at her father's prosperous cookware company, thinks her boyfriend Richard (Aaron Craven, "Gracepoint") is the perfect man - handsome, successful and driven.The problem is that Josie's parents, Joseph and Claire (Malcom Stewart, "My Boyfriends' Dogs" and Wanda Cannon "Heartland"), do not agree.With his first book written as a way to heal after a broken relationship, Liam has slowly become disheartened with writing strictly for romantic fantasy, something evident to a sweet, but honest, journalist who reviews books, Sophie Atkinson (Acker), whom he meets by chance on a plane.

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