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The Jewish News-Jewish Agency Aliyah 100, in association with UJIA, highlights the far-reaching impact of individuals – household names and not – who have had a powerful impact from politics to philanthropy and media to the military.

Our 70-strong list of olim who are still alive is headed by pioneering educator and social activist Alice Shalvi, followed by former Mossad chief Efraim Halevy and former Ambassador to the UK Daniel Taub.

Hantman went on to work in the Prime Minister’s Office on the staff of influential advisers Ron Dermer and Mark Regev (now ambassadors to the US and UK respectively), as well as with Ehud Barak during his tenure as Defence Minister.

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Franks’ methodology has rejuvenated aging tsedakah rituals and has succeeded in distributing millions to charities working in fields hitherto beyond the radar of the community’s philanthropic behemoths, from rape crisis centres and food banks to therapeutic horse-riding and subsidised dental care for the underprivileged.

Franks, a former Sky TV and Disney executive, possesses a rare ability to bring all sorts of contributors on board, from businesspeople to eager schoolchildren, and was named by Ha’aretz among Israel’s 66 most influential women. Joshua Hantman Wembley-born Joshua Hantman spent a gap year in Israel with FZY, and after degrees in Middle Eastern Studies at Oxford and Harvard made aliyah and served in a communications role during his IDF service, a well-trodden route towards the gates of the Israeli political establishment.

She studied in Cambridge and London before acquiring a Ph D in Jewish Thought from the University of Haifa, and published her first book, Jewish Theology in a Postmodern Age, this year.

Feldmann Kaye is also founding director of the Three Faiths Forum Middle East, which brings together Jews, Christians and Muslims to meet and develop thoughts on faith and identity.

CEO of the Hong Kong-based shipping logistics platform Freightos, which brings a centuries-old field into the technological era, the indefatigable Zvi Schreiber (pictured above with Tony Blair), is a representative of Israel’s start-up ecosystem.

Freightos is among five firms founded by Schreiber, which includes systems management firm Unicorn (later bought by software giant IBM), and web desktop service st, which was run by a joint Palestinian-Israeli team from Ramallah and Jerusalem.Sons of a conductor-cum-rabbi, the pair began playing together as teenagers and, now based in Jerusalem, crowdfunded their 2016 debut album.They performed on the Gaza border during Operation Pillar of Defence and released an evocative cover of Yerushalayim Shel Zahav on Jerusalem Day this year, becoming regulars on the gig circuits of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Fiona Darmon is a partner and chief operating officer at Jerusalem Venture Partners, the highly respected investment firm founded by recent Labour Party leadership candidate Erel Margalit.The Bnei Akiva and Hasmonean graduate, who made aliyah aged 19 and studied Politics at Tel Aviv University, now fulfils a similar role at the Initiative for the Middle East, Blair’s own institute for realising peace and cooperation in the region.Eli Ovits made aliyah in 2003 and has built a reputation as a presentation and communications expert.Modi’in resident Tamar Lazarus is drector of development at Isra AID, Israel’s largest humanitarian aid agency and a source of perennial pride in the country, which coordinates sustainable development projects around the world as well as dispatches emergency response teams to disaster zones (for instance, the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey).


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