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They discuss the massive corruption Browder revealed that led to his lawyer, Sergei Preet talks to Benjamin Wittes of Lawfare about the firing of FBI director James Comey, why President Trump should be impeached, and exactly how, given the chance, Wittes would sidekick Vladimir Putin in the chest.

Catherine Hoke, Founder and CEO of Defy Ventures, joins Preet for a conversation about the challenges that incarcerated people face when reentering society, the businesses that formerly incarcerated folks have started through her program, and the Shark As the news from the mass shooting in Las Vegas was rolling in Monday morning, Preet sat down with John Miller, Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence & Counter-terrorism of the NYPD as well as a Peabody and Emmy Award-winning journalist.

Tur broke several important stories while covering the Trump campaign, Preet talks with Oscar-winning documentarian Alex Gibney. And did Jeff Sessions really try to find 'dirt' on James Comey Maggie Haberman, White House Correspondent for the New York Times, has been covering Donald Trump since he began considering a run for president and has delivered some of the biggest scoops since he assumed the Oval Office.

He’s made films about the Enron scandal, Eliot Spitzer, Lance Armstrong, and the Church of Scientology. It’s called “Dirty Money.” Do yo Anne Milgram, the former Attorney General of New Jersey, returns to help answer your questions about the Mueller investigation. She sits down with Preet to Preet sits down with Tina Brown, former editor of The New Yorker and Vanity Fair, to talk about working with Harvey Weinstein, what will happen next with the #metoo movement, and her new book about her life in 1980s New York. Preet answers questions from the audience, including his thoughts on the latest with Robert Mueller and whether life as a podcaster is more or less fulfilling than life as a federal prosecutor.

It may have been in style at the time, but you've got to wonder what they were thinking.

Heathers did some bold stuff, but it's at heart a really simple story of a boy and girl in love, there's the sense that the murders are just an exaggerated version of the sort of pranks that appear in Mean Girls.

At the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour on Wednesday, the cabler’s programming president, Casey Bloys, confirmed that he has asked author Liane Moriarty to “take a crack at” coming with with a story for a potential second season, adding, “I’ll be very curious to see what she comes up with.” Leading ladies Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon have both expressed interest in keeping the franchise going, but exec producer/director Jean-Marc Vallée — who helmed all seven Season 1 episodes — is proving to be a tougher sell.

“There is no way; there’s no reason to make a Season 2,” he recently harrumphed.

He's defended cases from the Pentagon Papers to Citizens United.

Abrams talks with Preet about his long career and how Trump is different from every other president when it comes to fre In her new book, “Unbelievable,” Katy Tur dives into the deeply unglamorous life of covering the 2016 presidential election, from very early mornings to being spit at by voters.

Both Mean Girls and Heathers had an essentially likable character at the center, and even when we started to sour on her, we always had someone even worse, the queen bee, to look to and see that our heroine isn't really that bad.

This film changes things by focusing on the queen bee, Kimberly, who is expertly portrayed by Evan Rachel Wood.

Kasparov talks about the Kremlin's massive misinformation campaign, and what he In a special episode, Preet breaks down the implications of Michael Flynn's guilty plea last week.


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  2. The group cleaned up much of its material for the show, as much of the humor in the sketches and short films was often derived from taboo or adult topics like necrophilia and dildos. Notable guest stars include Paul Rudd, Rashida Jones, Sam Rockwell, Topher Grace, Tim Blake Nelson, Alan Ruck, Janeane Garofalo, Elizabeth Banks, and Edward Norton.

  3. She says that before any two partners embark on the marriage path, they should have first studied and discussed basic issues such as temperaments, finances, family background, likes and dislikes and any secrets each might hold.

  4. Greeting cards are gone and mobile phones have taken over. Many firms have cut costs and experienced steady growth in their sales revenue due to a reduction in the number of people required to perform tasks as robots and other machines capable of interacting with people and other highly efficient machines take over key operations.

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