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This product should be purchased before that date expires.

The “Best if Used By” date is recommended for best quality and flavor.

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Is there some kind of testing that they perform on the product to determine if they need a longer or shorter “Best if Used By” Date?

The answer is complex, but the short version is, “YES.” Most companies determine the answers to these questions by performing some type of Shelf Life Testing or Product Stability Study.

This date has been determined by the manufacturer of the product.

So how do food manufacturers determine what date to use?

It configures all of the data into concise reports and charts which clearly outline all of the data collected.

Jennifer Lake is a Customer Success Manager at Core Informatics.

However, there is no regulation around food product dating (with the exception of Infant Formula).

It is at the discretion of the manufacturer to place a “Best if Used By”, or “Sell-By” date on a product.

The Core LIMS stability module was designed with Food and Beverage Companies in mind.

Core’s LIMS software offers a great solution for shelf life testing and analytical food product dating studies in its Stability Module.

These are very time consuming studies that can last from several months to a year.

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