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It will not be able to answer all our questions but we feel that it offers important insights from the borrowers and the factors that drove them to over-indebtedness.

These should serve as key elements of our understanding of over-indebtedness.

Most importantly, borrowers who are unable to repay their loans risk losing their assets, even their livelihoods, potentially worsening their living conditions.

Where client protection and safety nets are weak, microfinance borrowers are often left with no financial or social support once they become over-indebted.

We hope that this study will provide valuable inputs to improve collective efforts among stakeholders of the microfinance sector to prevent over-indebtedness and to ensure further protection of borrowers in Cambodia.

We also hope that this study and its methodological framework could be used in other countries in order to better understand the drivers of multiple borrowing and over-indebtedness more broadly, to prevent their development and ensure the preservation of a sound and responsible microfinance industry.

TPWW's boss thought it was "best for TPWW business" for the dirtsheet news to be its own thread from now on instead of being part of the 100k Wrestling mega-thread.

If anyone finds anything interesting whether as being current sheet news, sheet stuff from the past, or even "WWE Did You Know" like facts, feel free to post them in here. Dirtsheets sponsored by Random Becky Lynch gif: According to multiple sources close to the situation, Goldberg does not have a WWE deal right now.It is mainly for this reason that Blue Orchard Finance, Incofin and Oikocredit have been investing significant amounts of capital and other resources in MFIs around the world.The microfinance sector in Cambodia has grown rapidly over the last ten years.This in turn can hurt returns for investors in the sector, tarnish the overall image of the industry, and potentially jeopardize the excellent work that so many are doing to build a healthy and sustainable inclusive financial system.While over-indebtedness is a pressing and urgent challenge for the microfinance sector, the truth is that we know little about it and no industry level publication on multiple borrowing and OID in Cambodia exists.Goldust was seventh and also needed shoulder surgery the next year ...


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