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“We can periodically create profiles, the creation, support and administration of which will be handled by our employees (hereinafter – ” service profiles “).

The purpose of these service profiles is to ensure the proper functioning of our services by testing services, capabilities and functions, and also by studying our products and services. The sites slyly note that bots are used “only to check the system.” Otherwise, such an approach could be officially equated with fraud in the network.

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Polyakov’s earnings are through multiple additional features: the ability to see more photos, send more messages, see more accounts. But how to get people to leave money, and a lot of money, on a shareware site? In order to increase profitability, dating sites use thousands and tens of thousands of bots that simulate communication with a live user.

Immediately after registering on any of Polyakov’s websites, dozens of messages come to the new user. It happens that such messages come from different people, but with the same photos.

How to earn 204.9 million US dollars on dating only? Max Polyakov (not to be confused with the people’s deputy) made a fortune on the dating websites.

Namely, that was the estimated value of Polyakov’s company Cupid plc at the peak. While still in Zaporozhye, in the late 2000s he created a dating empire Cupid plc.

It seems that the number of bots on dating sites of Max Polyakov’s empire has reached a critical number.

In order to avoid direct charges of fraud, lawyers had to write an explanation and force users to personally agree to become a victim of scammers.

All these profiles are bots, which the programmers of the dating site create to attract customers.

It’s difficult to say what is the percentage of real users on the site.

In this case, only the message header is visible to the user.


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