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The flow chart begins with the premise “evil exists.” I suppose that one easy way to address this chart is to point out that “evil” doesn’t exist. Moreover, “evil” is defined negatively by reference to “good.” Asking if concrete examples of “evil” exist is like asking if shadows exist.Well, there are shadows, and we can talk about them, but they are really an absence of light.

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I have the privilege of presenting a paper on theopneustos (“God-breathed” from 2 Timothy ) in a session on Sola Scriptura.

The theme of ETS this year is the Reformation, and my fellow Midwestern Seminary colleague Matthew Barrett and I have the delight of considering what scholars call the “formal principle” of the Reformation, its doctrine of Holy Writ.

The symbol, the emblem that graced the cover of the cover story of Christianity Today on this surging phenomenon, was a t-shirt that read “Jonathan Edwards is my homeboy.” I connected instantly with this movement when I read Collin Hansen’s explosive article.

I won’t say that Edwards is my homeboy, but I will say that he is my favorite theologian and historical Christian figure.

Here’s your opportunity: my publisher just let me know that my 2015 book “The Colson Way” is on sale for a very limited time for 99 cents. (The book is so inexpensive, I feel like I’m doing something wrong in telling you about it.) It was a joy to write this book, which is equal parts an accessible biography of Chuck Colson…

I came of theological age in the “young, restless, Reformed” heyday.Allowing evil to exist for a greater purpose is a rather obvious and example of how this may be the case.We can stop the analysis right there, as we have found an important flaw in the flowchart.” The answer that question is, “no.” If the answer were “yes,” the options one would be left with would be that either God is internally conflicted (he wants to prevent it, but he also doesn’t want to prevent it), which would be denial of God’s simplicity.The chart objects to the answer, “no,” alleging that “Then God is not good/ God is not loving.” But this does not follow.” The answer to that question, of course, is only “yes.” As the chart indicates, if you can God cannot prevent evil, then you have denied that God is omnipotent (all-powerful).

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