When did hayden and milo start dating

He’s been multi-tasking at his production company, thinking about directing and dabbling in supporting film roles.

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Ventimiglia seemed to have a thing for co-stars, because in 2007, People reported that Heroes stars Ventimiglia and Panettiere were dating.

People wrote that the couple were first spotted being cozy at the Emmys in September of that year.

The 19-year old invulnerable cheerleader evidently wants to party hardy and the 31-year old part-time EMT, part-time wet blanket wants to work. He's probably done enough of the club circuit and realizes that he's got to make his career hum while he still has the chance. The rumor out of LA, though, is that may have been getting a little frisky with Jesse Mc Cartney. They're relationship has always been a little sketchy to us.

First of all, he's just enough years older than her that it borders on inappropriate (given her youth).

“It’s led to a lot of different roles.” Some actors with his level of notoriety would scoff at doing an Internet series, but Ventimiglia signed up for Chosen because he liked the script.

He spent about a month filming six episodes of the drama about a dad turned brutal assassin.

“I always thought Milo was extraordinarily good-looking.” He has other talents too.

When she asked him not to shave for the role, she learned that “he can grow a hell of a beard,” Cassavetes says.

Their romance ended in early 2009, and their age difference was cited as an issue by a source who spoke with People, as they had a 12-year age gap.

In September 2009, Ventimiglia was rumored to be dating Jaimie Alexander.

But it has always made us incredibly uncomfortable that Hayden Panettiere played Milo Ventimiglia's niece. Unfortunately, this breakup will probably put her in the news more and we've always had a tough time pronouncing her name without sounding like dirt bags.


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