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These ladies would trade in their heels for tennis shoes in a heartbeat and they’d take you on at any game.

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I wish there was a body-type category called Athletic and Average...plenty of us out there that fit this category.

For every a man has a woman has five times as many.

The horror story I am most worried about having is going out with someone who's lists them as a non-smoker and then she lights up when we are out. If everyone was 100% honest and normal it would be kind of boring, right?

The imperfections are what make it fun and interesting.

She’s not opposed to dinner and a movie, romance or flowers, but she would definitely take a bike ride through a national park over dinner formalities.

She likes dates that involve something active or competitive.

And will follow that up with hours of recap shows in late night. I had lunch with a girl who invited me out again two more times...the same day! I guess I get that but it is just such an outright lie to say you live in Chicago but actually live someplace else. Yes, it's an important part of attraction for both sexes.

I know that some women love to watch sports on TV but when men say it they take it to the next level. After lunch she asked if I wanted to meet some of her friends for a drink after work. Two hours later she asked me to meet up with her and her friends late that night. You have several choices when it comes to listing your body type online: slender, about average, athletic and toned, curvy, stocky, a few extra pounds, heavyset, etc.

Just because you are athletic does not mean you are toned. Unfortunately, the most important part of Athletic and Toned is the later, not the former.

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